Elizabeth Regina

Dedicated to the life and legacy of those great English monarchs from a time gone by.




I’ve seen a few fashion posts trying to expand the “Marie Antoinette is not Victorian” rant, but this stuff can get complicated, so here is a semi-comprehensive list so everyone knows exactly when all of these eras were.

Please note that this is very basic and that there are sometimes subcategories (especially in the 17th century, Jacobean, Restoration, etc).

Handy, basic visual reference tool.

Then it becomes The Great War, inter-war, The War, The Cold War, the “holy shit not that much war this decade”, and The War on Terror.


this will by my last confession,
"i love you" never felt like any blessing, oh
whispered it, like it’s a secret
only to condemn the one who hears it, with a heavy heart